NORPAC Fisheries Export
Passionate about seafood, committed to excellence.
Norpac is passionate about quality assurance. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable products that have undergone rigorous quality control within the industry's strictest sanitation regime. We provide an end to end logistics chain, which in combination with our traceability platform, provides high value and quality seafood products to the industry. Our approach to quality assurance and environmental responsibility ensures our clients receive safe, consistent, environmentally responsible seafood products.

Latest News

Norpac Traceability

Norpac Fisheries Export is an industry leader in "Best Practices" for wild fish capture. The Norpac Traceability System was internally developed in response to the industry's need to prevent IUU Fishing. Our system allows end to end logistics tracking as a groundbreaking technology aiding in the elimination of IUU Fishing Practices.

Managing Fisheries with Sustainable Practices

Norpac's position on Environmental Stewardship is most visible in our investment in "Best Practices" which includes gear modification. Science and industry are working together to develop better fishing techniques and gear. Norpac has a record as an early adopter of "Best Practices" and has committed substantial resources retrofitting our gear and practices. Our commitment takes form in our actions.

Norpac Fisheries and the Environment

Norpac strives to continually develop steps to responsible environmental practices. Reductions in our waste and carbon foot print have been of considerable focus. We have implemented industry leading technologies to reduce packaging, improve vessel efficiency, reduce carbon in the logistic chain, and reduce impact and interaction with non targeted species.

Rigorous Food Safety Controls

Norpac's dedication to excellence is supported by our Independent Third-Party Verification Programs. We submit to thorough and rigorous food safety audits by various Third Party Auditors, which ensures our practices exceed industry standards.

Dedication to Best Practices

Norpac is firmly committed to excellence in food safety and invests heavily in our facilities, programs, products and employees. We believe that aggressive preventative measures and continual monitoring are highly effective practices that ensure product safety.